Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Has Started!!

Summer has started with a bang at our house. Starting with a week of VBS at our church for the kids. They had a blast. This was the first year that I was not able to help out and I sorely missed being a part of it.

To say my kids were excited about VBS would be an understatement. I really don't think either of them slept much the whole week just because of how excited they were to get to go the next day again. It wasn't with out a  little bit of fuss though. As I went to drop them off that first day Bug found out much to her and her best friend Avery's horror that they were to be in separate groups. Avery was to be in Kindergarten and Bug with the 1st and 2nd graders. They are both the same age but I had put Bug in the 1st grade group since that is the grade she had done at home with us as opposed to the grade she should have been in had she been in public school. Epic Mommy fail! They survived though I guess there was a "serious talk about their friendship surviving".

While they were enjoying learning all about 1 Peter 3:15 and what it means to discover, decide, defend, I was at the Classical Conversations Practicum learning grammer, dialectic and rhetoric. It was interesting and got me excited to start in August!

On Friday the 13th it was Caden's 8th birthday!!!! I can't believe me lil' man is 8. It's crazy crazy crazy. He decided he wanted to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel, go fishing at rookery bay, have lunch at Chuck E. Cheese which his daddy was able to meet us at for a bit. Then he and Grandma and Honey headed home. When his daddy got home they headed to the park and played some basketball. Dinner was at Red Lobster then cake at the house and presents and finally bed! It was a LOOOONG day.

If you noticed I said that Caden went home with Grandma and Honey. That would be because Bug and I had to leave from Chuck E. Cheese to head to her dress rehearsal on the other side of town. I had done her hair in the morning praying it would stay. I got her dressed and did her make up in the school bathroom with another little girl and her mom (because I am not the only one that was running around that day) and fixed her hair a little and we were good to go. Rehearsal took 2 hours and she did great. The girl loves the stage. She actually had been thinking about giving up dance but while we were gearing up for the show she said "Mommy I just don't think I can give up the stage!" She gets that from my sister because it definitely doesn't come from me or Joe.

Saturday was Bug's recital day and she did really well. She loved it! She already is asking when dance starts again and thinking about what her costume with look like next year.

Caden started Basketball Camp this week. This is a big thing because I have never signed the kids up for any camp before and never left them anywhere that wasn't church, family, or friends that we knew well. Also a big deal because this is the first thing he has shown a real interest in. I thought he would be nervous but NOPE left me in the dust after I signed him in with a "bye mom love you" I won't lie. I had a moment driving away where I wanted to turn the car around and go and get him back out of the camp and say he couldn't stay. Only because I missed him. I figure this is what a mom taking their child to school for the first time feels like. Having never experienced this before it was pretty crazy. So now to all those moms that had to deal with this when your child was in kindergarten I AM SO SORRY!

Anyway he loves camp and gets up each morning ready to go and is sad that tomorrow is his last day. Me? I am not so sad about that.

This post is really long and I am sorry but like I said we have started summer with a bang!

 Bug and her friend Madelyn
 Their VBS verse
 His birthday morning picture!
 Last day of VBS and being a 7 yr old picture
 last day of ballet
Building fun electric stuff with daddy with birthday present from Auntie Heidi and Uncle David

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